Expose Beta Program |

***Over 90% of consumers watched video last week and 70% say that videos help them to make a decision. That means when new customers are using a search engine, your website, or YouTube, they need to see video about your company.

The purpose of our Beta Expert Interviews is three-fold:

  1. To help better educate consumers that are searching online for your services on how to find the “Best” in your City or area with tips to look out for.
  2. To help Business Owners and Professionals become the Market Leader in their City or Area by participating in our BETA Expert Interview Video Program (a $2000+ value) and being showcased as “The Expert”  that is educating those local consumers that are searching for your services on what to look for, then invite them to come see you!
  3. To help us build our portfolio of interviews and improve our processes before we launch live with the Expert Interview Expose.

Things you need to know:

If you qualify during Beta, we will underwrite all your production costs which you know if you have ever tried making a video before would be $2000-$3500.

There are 3 simple things we need from you in exchange for underwriting and covering all your Beta production costs and we will discuss them when you book a 15 minute call (big red button at bottom of page) to claim YOUR CITY/AREA for YOUR NICHE INDUSTRY to be featured as “The Expert” to become the Market Leader, the Person people call when they need your services.

During BETA, we are interviewing and syndicating ONLY 1 or 2 Business Owners/Practices in each Niche and City so if you want to get a jump on your Competition, get qualified now!

You will own a copy of your BETA Expert Interview to use as you wish without any additional fees once your final video has been produced.  We will also keyword Optimize and syndicate your BETA Expert Interview Video to over 30 of the Top Social, Image, and Video websites so when people are searching for your services they will find your video showing you as the Expert and call YOU!!

See the list of Available Industry Niches below and if you would like to learn How to participate in our BETA Expert Interview for Your Niche and City, schedule a quick call below.  We look forward to speaking with you soon!

Multiple Expert Topics

  • Automotive – 17 Topics – Available
  • Chiropractor – 11 Topics – Available
  • Dental – 12 Topics – Available
  • Eye Care – 9 Topics – Available
  • Lawyer – 15 Topics – Available
  • Pet Care – 9 Topics – Available
  • Physician – 8 Topics – Available
  • Veterinarian Services-8 Topics – Available